Build Your Own Metal Detector: Easy & Cheap

Build Your Own Metal Detector: Easy & Cheap

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The widespread use of metal detectors to pursue hobbies by people has resulted in the ‘Build your own metal detector’ phenomenon. The use of metal detectors is vital in public places, correctional facilities, public events and airports, earlier. But, today metal detectors are used for treasure hunting and for unearthing buried archaeological artifacts by people. Purchasing a metal detector for merely pursuing a hobby can be expensive so, people have resorted to making them themselves. They follow manuals and books that are available and many use internet to learn the step-by-step method of making metal detectors. With the resources gained from internet you can ‘Build your own metal detector’.

Metal detectors have become an integral part of any security set up. They were used in correction facilities, airports, public events and public places for security purposes. These were the limited uses of metal detectors, earlier. Now, metal detecting clubs are in vogue. These clubs comprise members who engage in metal detecting as a hobby. They hunt for archaeological artifacts and relics and flaunt it to the world through these clubs.

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They even show off their tips for ‘better metal detecting’ to the world. This situation has resulted in the ‘Build your own metal detector’ phenomenon. People make metal detectors, on their own. They refer to books or manuals for this purpose and many follow the instructions given in ‘Build your own metal detector’ link in the websites.

The metal detector’s electronic constituent, makes the search coil produce electro magnetic field around it, by passing a signal to it. The device that produces the electro magnetic field, called oscillator is invisible. The search coil’s electro magnetic field is affected by objects that are near it. Insulators do not affect the field but conductors enhance the effect of the field. This enhancement of the field by the conductors is reflected in the change in the note. This indicates the detection of a metal.

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Buying a metal detector for pursuing a hobby like searching for coins in park and beaches and treasure hunting can prove to be very expensive. So many people resort to the ‘Build your own metal detector’. This allows the people to build a metal detector from the scrap that is available in their own homes.

Many varieties of metal detectors are available in the market and metal detectors with Beat Frequency Oscillator or BFO technology is the one that is commonly assembled by people on their own. Metal detectors detect metal and also make a sound to acknowledge that a metal is buried inside the surface. To build your own metal detector, one must divide the components into three sections- two oscillators or electronic devices, a mixer (the two oscillators are combined by it) and a power amp to drive the speaker.

A metal detector can be made from few coils, an old radio and few plastic boxes. Scrap radios make the electronic constituent or component of the metal detector. They can also be used to make a speaker that produces the change in the note, on detecting a buried metal. A plastic sheet serves as a circuit board. After making oscillators out of the scrap radio parts, they can be connected to the amp and the battery. Now, you have ‘Built your own metal detector’. The instruction manual and the interactive step-by-step instructions in the websites offer everyone an opportunity of making a metal detector.