Coiltek Coils for Minelab Metal Detectors

Coiltek Coils for Minelab Metal Detectors

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When you have a Minelab detector, you are sure to be interested in finding out about Coiltek Coils for Minelab metal detectors. You will want to look at DD coils if you are looking for a quiet coil that works well for ground mineralization and makes the most of the discrimination features of the Minelab. However, in regard to a Mono coil, this offer you the benefit of going deeper, although the tradeoff may be more noise. Let’s take a look at all of the possible Coiltek Coils for Minelab metal detectors to see which one best fits your needs and will offer you what you are looking for.

When you have a Minelab metal detector, you will undoubtedly be interested in finding out about your selections and options for Coiltek coils. Choosing the right coil can mean the difference between going home empty handed and going home with a pocket full of coins, jewelry and nuggets. Let’s take a good look at the types of coils and then look at your specific options for Coiltek Coils for Minelab metal detectors.

Coiltek Coils Goldstalker Series

The first type of coil is a DD coil. This has several benefits for the user. First of all, it will offer less noise. The second benefit is that it will be able to handle ground mineralization in a better way, thus allowing you to be more successful. Now, the infiltration of a DD coil is that you do not need to overlap your sweeping as much as you would otherwise. However, it is important to keep in mind that it may be harder to get exactly on target with a DD. If you will be searching mainly for gold nuggets, you may be best with a DD, as it will handle that mineralization very well and do so quietly.

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A Mono coil is much different than a DD, even if it is the exact same length. The Mono will go deeper. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that in most cases, the Mono coil will give off more noise than the DD when the ground is very heavy with minerals. This will not allow your detector to properly use the discrimination features as it was meant to do. This type of coil is often best if you will be using your detector in the all metal mode. It will be very responsive to small gold nuggets and easy to make your targets. One of your options for a DD coil is the 15 inch WOT for the Explorer. It is fifteen inches and weighs about two pounds.

Coiltek 6 inch Round Coil

A Mono coil is more sensitive to small gold and is easier to pinpoint with. Most seasoned prospectors in the United States prefer mono coils over DD’s. There is also the 15 inch MOT coil for the Explorer which includes the shaft and is a bit more. The Joey DD coil is the standard coil for depth and makes it easy to get your target. The Platypus coil is elliptical and totally waterproof. There are also the lines of the Musketeer coils and the Ripper coil. Don’t forget about the salt, the Skippy and the Cobber. The Mother Ship coil was created for patch hunting and made so that you can connect it to your own design. The Wallaby is becoming very well liked and is a Mono coil. The UFO coil is very lightweight and the Big Red coil is known for give excellent coverage.