Evaluation of a Minelab Excalibur

Evaluation of a Minelab Excalibur

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While the following article jokes about the grammar in one Minelab Excalibur review, the writer of that article appreciates the fact that people all over the world invest time and money in pursuit of metal treasures. The writer of the following article has followed a serial on a Persian TV network, a serial in which the main character sets out on a treasure hunt. While the story in that serial does not recreate a true to life occurrence, still, it is possible that a treasure hunter in Iran was the author of one of the recently posted metal detector reviews. He or she should not be held responsible for the introduction of a new treasure hunting term.

How should one go about evaluating a Minelab Excalibur review? There is at least one review that would make a grammarian cringe. That review ends with this statement: “Only serious detectorist need to buy this machine!”

What is a decteroist? Why would a dectorist want to purchase a Minelab Excalibur? One has to assume that the review writer has created a new term for any person who has chosen to use a metal detector. The review writer had preceded that grammatically incorrect statement with a promise, a promise to coin collectors who might spend many hours on the beach. The review writer had attested to the reliability of the Excalibur.

Apparently there are a number of Excalibur users who hit the beach on a regular basis. Another review writer has said this about the Minelab detector: “This machine is simply the best for finding corroded or salt disguised treasurers.”

Excalibur Underwater Metal Detector

A closer examination of the Excalibur reviews indicates the existence of an Excalibur series. One review writer praises the detector’s automatic ground rejection technology, and claims that this feature “makes the New Excalibur II the ideal machine…”

What is the function of that ground rejection technology? Another review writer appears to provide the answer. That review writer has said that an Excalibur can locate gold coins while bypassing trash, the sort of trash that might cause another detector to release a false signal.

That same review writer has called attention to yet another of the Excalibur’s many features. That is the fact that the owner of an Excalibur can replace an unsatisfactory coil with a more efficient coil. Each Excalibur can be fitted with coils of varying sizes. Thus, the owner of an Excalibur can search for coins in either deep sand or in a shallow pit of dirt.

Minelab Metal Detectors

One Excalibur that has yet to be developed is a machine that would allow a deaf person to become a successful coin collector. The owner of the existing Excalibur relies on the detector’s production of different sound frequencies. It emits a different frequency for each of the metals that a detector is likely to encounter. In other words, a skilled detector user can use his or her ear to know when a detected metal piece is made of gold, and when a detected piece is composed of iron.

Here is the last word on detector reviews: No metal detector review should fail to mention the quality of the detector’s batteries. The Excalibur runs on rechargeable nickel and cadmium batteries. Of course it might be next to impossible to recharge those batteries on the beach, or in any outdoor location. For that reason, many detector retailers have added to their inventory the Excalibur alkaline battery pod.


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