Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector Review

Garrett GTP 1350 Metal Detector Review

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While studying the information on each posted Garrett GTP metal detector review, the author of the following article was most impressed with mention of the fact that the Garrett could operate in relative silence. The author of the following article has been following a TV serial that puts the lead character in charge of a treasure hunt. While he handles the detection equipment, a secondary character acts to divert attention from his friend’s prolonged search effort. He tries to keep a pesky neighbor occupied with numerous small tasks. Both characters could have benefited from access to a Garrett 1350 detector.

The typical reader of a Garrett GTP 1350 metal detector review does not expect to be paying for high end detection equipment. Yet that reader might well be pleasantly surprised. The GTP 1350 detector has several of the features that avid treasure hunters usually associate with high end detection equipment.

What are some of those features? To begin with, the Garrett GTP produces clear and unmistakable audio tones. Those tones can guide the detector operator in the direction of a valuable metal artifact. Meanwhile, the operator can expect the Garrett’s auto ground balancing to prevent the release of any deceptive tones, tones caused by a metal piece of limited value. In addition, the Garrett detector has preset modes and an icon read out.

The operator of a Garrett detector does not need to worry about making up a story about the unusual sounds emanating from wherever he or she has chosen to search for buried coins, or buried treasure. The Garrett does not beep until it has found a piece of metal of recognized value. The Garrett finds coins and jewelry with pinpoint accuracy.

Of course the most accurate of detectors is of little use to the man or woman who can not understand how to operate such quality detection equipment. For that reason, makers of the Garrett detector have produced a machine that is easy to operate. Still, no one plans to use a metal detector 24/7. Bearing that fact in mind, detector retailers have made a coil brace available to interested detector buyers.

Garrett GTP 1350 Battery Pack

While that brace insures the safe storage of any detector coils, such a brace might receive only limited use, if it is used to store the coils of a Garrett GTP 1350. The operator of the new Garrett detector does not tire easily. The handles on that detector come with a rubber grip. Such a grip represents a step up from the traditional foam grip.

Detector retailers also sell a slide in, slide out battery case, a case that can be fixed to the belt that goes with any Garrett detector. Anyone who plans to search for gold accessories should consider investing in this particular accessory. By wearing such a belt, the detector operator can sustain a search effort for an extended amount of time.

Garrett GTP-1350 Control Housing

The Garrett detector facilitates demonstration by the operator of patience and persistence, two traits that help to guarantee the success of any search effort. The owner of a Garrett could well be called upon to show an added amount of patience and persistence. The owner of a Garrett detector could find that he or she needs to dig down to a depth of eight or more inches. There is no telling what the operator might find at that depth.


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