Minelab Eureka Gold Review

Minelab Eureka Gold Review

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Is the Minelab Eureka Gold going to make you scream “Eureka!”. It just may. This is one of the best all around gold nugget detectors that you can possible find. It offers you incredible depth, the type of super sensitivity that you need when you are prospecting, triple frequency that is outstanding and some incredible features that will have you waking up early and heading out that door to get going. Let’s take a more detailed look at the Minelab Eureka Gold to see exactly what this machine has to offer, if it’s design and functions fit your needs and if this detector is right for you.

To find out just exactly what the Minelab Eureka Gold has to offer, let’s take a look at everything that is important for treasure hunters. This machine is designed to sweep for gold, so we will look at the specifications of this machine, have a detailed look at its features and functions, find out if it is user friendly and how it stacks up against any potential competition.

Minelab Eureka Gold Battery Pack

Let’s get started with the specifications and the main features and then we will go into more detail about the actual experience and use of the Minelab Eureka Gold. This is a triple frequency machine that allows you to switch to 6.4, 20 or 60 kHz. This in itself is an incredible feature for gold hunters. It has digital ground balance along with two speed adjustable or fixed mode. You don’t need to be concerned about iron, as the Minelab Eureka Gold has an iron rejection in each of the three frequencies.

Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector

The coil system is a ten inch elliptical sweep. In regard to design, the Minelab Eureka Gold has a very durable scuff cover, a very strong metal arm rest and a stabilizer strap. The battery system using state of the art technology with NiMH rechargeable batteries. You have a mounting system with a two position box and it all comes wrapped up with a warranty of three years.

Now, the frequencies will be very helpful depending on what you want to do. The 6.4 will give you the greatest depth, the 20 works great for general sweeping and the very sensitive 60 will find you the smaller gold nuggets that others are passing over. Spend a few hours on this frequency and your day is a success.

Minelab Eureka Gold - Ideal Gold Nugget Metal Detector

Now, this machine has a digital ground balance called an Accu-Trak and this allows you to switch between two speed recoveries and this works in combination with a microprocessor controlled discrimination device which basically eliminates any guessing on your part, which equals more gold that you find and you will find it repeatedly. If you have had any concerns in the past with machines that gave you trouble with hot rocks, not so for the Minelab Eureka Gold. It goes right through highly mineralized earth with no problems at all. This allows you to shove hot rocks out of the picture and focus entirely on gold.

The price is pretty incredible for what you get in this machine and if you are serious about finding gold, this machine basically pays for itself. The target detection with pitch variation, the signal to noise ration, the control box, it is all perfectly set up so that you can do what you do best: find those gold nuggets.


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