Minelab Explorer SE Professional Review

Minelab Explorer SE Professional Review

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A career counselor would normally not suggest that a technical writer consider switching gears, so that he or she might become a screen writer. If, however, that counselor has read a Minelab Explorer SE professional metal detector review and if that counselor also watches programs that air on a Persian satellite TV, then that counselor might make such a suggestion.

Does the logic in that statement escape you? If so, then you need to read the following article. Learn more about the alleged connection between the amazing Minelab metal detector and the writing of a suspenseful made for TV movie.

An American in Los Angeles County believes that at least one Iranian TV writer has studied a Minelab Explorer SE Professional metal detector review. That does not mean that the person who writes material for the small silver screen is also a professional coin collector. An American has come to that conclusion after viewing a certain serial on one Persian satellite TV network.

Minelab Explorer SE Professional

That serial could be used as an advertisement for a Minelab Explorer SE. During the course of that serial story, the main character sets out on a treasure hunt. He obtains a detector from a contact. He organizes a team of “diggers.” After that team has spent many hours digging at the spot indicated by the detector, the main character confronts his contact.

Minelab Explorer SE Metal Detector

The main character questions the information provided to him prior to the delivery of the detector. The contact does not point to the detector as a possible source of error. The main character appears to have used a Minelab Explorer SE metal detector. The technology on that detector allows only buried objects that should be “good targets” to produce a clear and unmistakable signal.

Minelab Explorer SE Professional Review

Suppose that the contact had provided the main character with a poor quality detector. In that case, any buried nail might have obscured the more desirable buried treasure. The Minelab Explorer, however, can distinguish between ferrous, unwanted items, such as iron nails, and nonferrous desirables, such as gold artifacts.

The Full Band Spectrum (FBS) circuit on the Minelab Explorer produces multiple frequencies in a simultaneous manner. Because the FBS circuit puts out multiple frequencies, the signals received by the detector coil can be analyzed for evidence of a wide range of responses. Thus, the Explorer can do a much better job of identifying the target of any particular search.

Minelab Explorer SE Professional Metal Detector

In the TV serial that has aired in Los Angeles County, the main character does not encounter bad weather while conducting his treasure hunt. If he had had to operate the contact’s detector in a rainstorm, he would have found it difficult to attribute any problems to the poor weather. At least, that is what one would have to conclude, if one assumed that the main character had been loaned a Minelab Explorer SE Professional detector.

The Minelab Explorer has advanced digital filtering. That technology allows the detector to work well under all sorts of field conditions. That technology does not, however, help to hide the operator of a detector from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

Minelab Explorer SE Professional Detector

The absence of that feature was responsible for some of the most amusing scenes in the recently aired Persian TV series. So, if you plan to use a Minelab Explorer, be ready for an experience that promises to be a combination of comedy and drama.


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