Minelab Safari Metal Detector Review

Minelab Safari Metal Detector Review

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What do you think? Should a gentle warning about the harmful consequences of backbiting be included in each Minelab Safari metal detector review? Perhaps it should go into any review put out by Kellyco.

That company offers free headphones to the buyer of a Minelab Safari. Yet, while the Safari operator conducts his or her search, those headphones could allow others to talk “behind the back” of the same detector operator. Today, cigarette packs are expected to carry on them a warning about the harmful effects of cigarette smoke; why not put a warning against backbiting in a metal detector review?

Are five tools sufficient equipment for the task of digging up a treasure that you have found by using a metal detector? That is a question that might enter the mind of someone who reads one Minelab Safari metal detector review. The review posted on the Kellyco website lists the accessories that come free of charge to the buyer of a Safari.

A five pocket pouch is one of those free accessories. Other free accessories are audio 200 headphones, a large carrying bag with an outside pocket, a state-by-state treasure guide CD, a three pocket coin pouch, a larger “treasure pouch” and a subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine. Of course an experienced treasure seeker knows that no single accessory would motivate a wise consumer to purchase a Minelab Safari.

Minelab Safari Metal Detector

Instead, a wise consumer might feel persuaded to buy a Safari metal detector, after learning that it can provide him or her with greater flexibility. The Safari has four pre-programmed detection modes and four programmable user modes. The Safari works well under a wide range of field conditions.

The technology upgrades on the Safari allow the operator of that detector to show off its advanced digital filtering, its linear discrimination scale and its large LCE meter screen. Moreover, the operator does not need to feel as if he or she needs to conduct a search within a defined type of environment. The Safari can operate in salt water, on wet sand, in a fresh marsh or on very arid soil. The Safari can also detect treasures that lie buried in ground that emits strong magnetic signals.

What would you want to search for, if you happened to have access to a Minelab Safari detector? Coin collectors use their metal detectors to find valuable coins. News accounts sometimes reveal one potential use for a Minelabe Safari. An occasional news story shares information on discovery of a sunken ship, a ship that is supposed to be laden with wonderful treasures.

Minalab Safari at Kellyco

Certain uses for a Minelab Safari receive little attention, because they do not represent a legitimate way to go after valuable gold and jewelry. The detector makers do not want to encourage the activities of grave robbers. The detector makers do not want to interest a potential detector owner in the possibility of conducting a nighttime visit to an archaeological dig.

There is also a limit to the number of languages into which publishers have chosen to translate any one Minelab Safari review. That puts a limit on the number of detector buyers. After all, people all over the world enthuse over the prospect of searching for and finding a valuable gold artifact. People all over the world long to take part in a successful treasure hunt.


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