Vintage Metal Detectors

Vintage Metal Detectors

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Most of us have heard the words metal detector before. In fact, many of them are used as hobbies for people around the world. However, when you think of metal detectors, how often do you think of the first metal detectors? Do you ever wonder why and how they came about? To find these kinds of answers you would have to go all the way back to the end of the 19th century. It was at this time that many scientists used their ever growing knowledge to come up with a machine that could pinpoint metal in the ground that you could not see with the naked eye. Metal detectors have come a long way, and I am sure they are going to keep improving.

Metal detectors are just like any other machine, they had to start somewhere. Most of us do not think of the start of metal detectors, we only think of their uses today. Way back in the 19th century, some scientists came up with a machine that would be able to pinpoint metal in the ground. However, at the time, this was not something that was made for common use. These machines were made mostly for miner and military use.

Soviet WW2 Metal Detector

When these machines came out they aided the miners the most. By using these first metal detectors they were able to locate ore bearing rocks that could not be seen with the naked eye. Thus, less time was spent looking for the ore rocks, and more time was spent digging them up. The military used the machines to located land mines, as well as guns that could be stored underground, which at the time was a good way to hide weapons. However, these first models were nothing like the ones we use today.

Gold Master Vintage Metal Detector

The first metal detectors were very crude machines. They worked as far as finding metal in the ground, but only to a very limited degree. A lot of things would set off the metal detector, and you would find yourself digging in a spot that has no metal at all. Not only that, but these machines used up a lot of battery power. In fact, they used up so much battery power that it made the metal detector a very uncommon thing to use. However, this did not stop people for trying to use the metal detector for certain things. For example, a metal detector was used to try and find a bullet that was lodged in the chest of one of our American Presidents back in 1881. However, because they left the president on the metal operating table the metal detector became confused, and was unable to locate the single bullet. Nowadays, metal detectors are able to pinpoint certain metals better. However, because of technology always improving, we no longer have to use a metal detector to try and find bullets in the body (thankfully).

Soviet Vintage Metal Detector

The metal detectors of today are a lot better than the ones that first came out. Of course, this holds true for most technology. When computers first came out, they were nothing like the computers of today. As time goes on, technology will keep getting better, and this goes for metal detectors as well. Metal detectors are used by many people nowadays. Because of the better battery use, they are becoming more practical. However, common people are not the only ones that use metal detectors. In fact, the military is still using these metal detectors today. This just goes to show you that this is a machine that we very much needed to be made.