White’s M6 Metal Detector

White’s M6 Metal Detector

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What was the object sought most often by online shoppers on the morning of May 26, 2009? Was it a White’s M6 Metal Detector? Was it one of the competing detectors? Coin collectors and treasure hunters alike had good reason to sit at their computers on May 26th, in order to study carefully the information on each of the various metal detectors. They had reason to dream about finding a valuable clay urn, an urn that happened to contain a lot of shiny gold coins. That was exactly what TV character found while using a metal detector. Isn’t it true that life can imitate art? One TV viewer in southern California has this question: Was the main character in a Monday night serial on a Persian satellite network using a White’s M6 metal detector? If anyone can answer that question, then the same TV viewer has a follow up question: If that fictional character was using an M6, then on what mode did he set the toggle switch?

A number of comments about White’s M6 metal detector raise the possibility that the author of the ongoing Persian serial would recognize the suitability of that machine. That detector is easy to use. It looks like the perfect search tool, at least the perfect tool for a beginning treasure hunter. The M6 is light, stable and accurate, all characteristics that should serve to spur on the efforts of someone embarked on a first time treasure hunt.

Despite having all of those wonderful features, the seller of an M6 detector does not ask the buyer to fork over a huge amount of cash. The reasonable price on one of White’s M6 detectors matches with the mindset of the main character in the TV series that was mentioned above. That character appears ready to do anything, in order to add to the number of bills in his wallet, and the amount of money in his bank account.

White's M6 Metal Detector

Still, none of those facts can help one TV viewer in southern California to make an educated guess at the best position of the toggle switch, if a young man has chosen to use an M6 detector during his first treasure hunt. What program should he call upon? Should he rely on the program made for detecting coins and jewelry, the program better suited to the search for an ancient relic or the program designed for pursuit of basic prospecting endeavors?

Why does one TV viewer in southern California have that question eating into her thoughts? One TV viewer in southern California has just read about the three programmed modes on each M6 detector. That same TV viewer has also seen the find made by the primary character in an ongoing serial on one Persian satellite TV station.

What did he find? Was it a white gold wedding band? Was it a wheat penny? Was it an Indian head nickel? No, it was a large, old clay jar. When the primary character dropped that jar, allowing it to shatter on the hard floor, hundreds of gold coins toppled onto the gray tiles.

So, if the character in that serial used an M6 detector, what mode did he find most useful? Was it the mode for coins or the mode for relics? One TV viewer in California would like to challenge one TV writer with that exact question.