White’s Spectra V3 Metal Detector – Designed to Find Treasures

White’s Spectra V3 Metal Detector – Designed to Find Treasures

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The following article talks about the interference that can create problems for the beginning treasure hunter. The interference mentioned in regard to the White’s Spectra V3 metal detector is “metal trash” in the ground. Now, every first time treasure hunter should also be prepared for a second sort of interference. That interference often pertains to the prying eyes of neighbors. That interference could also apply to the watchful eye of the law. The following article does not offer any advice for dealing with such interference…

If you plan to invest in a metal detector that promises to guide you toward a full return on your investment, then you want to learn as much as possible about White’s Spectra V3 metal detector. Once you put on the wireless spectrasound headphones that come with each V3 detector, you will be ready to locate the nearest hidden treasure.

If you have reason to think that the nearest treasure is a collection of gold coins, then you need to set your detector on the hunting frequency for gold. If you have heard about a silver antiquity that was hidden within your search area, then you should set your detector at the hunting frequency for silver. If you are eager to find any sort of treasure, then you can get the best results by selecting the hunting frequency that was designed for general use.

If you have never been seated at the controls of an automobile, you might find it difficult to operate the “dashboard like” controls on White’s V3 detector. If, however, you know how to view and interpret the readings on a dashboard, then you should find it easy to make any necessary adjustments to your Spectra V3 detector. The information needed for each adjustment appears on the display panel in bold colors.

There is one three letter combination that you should learn, a group of letters that does not appear within any printed information about car dashboards. That is the abbreviation “EMI.” The operator of a metal detector needs to appreciate the significance of EMI. It is an external source of interference, and it is generally location specific. If the operator of a Spectra V3 detector encounters EMI, then he or she could find that the detector has demonstrated marked instability. An amateur treasure hunter might cease his or her search, upon witnessing such instability. A more experienced treasure hunter will know to turn the gain down, thus allowing the detector to achieve greater stability. In that way, the search can proceed, and the detector operator has reason to hope for success.

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Keep in mind the fact that the White’s Spectra V3 metal detector is not a simple machine. The operator of a simple metal detector can hunt in only a limited range of spots. The operator of a simple detector can not expect to discover a treasure in any search area that contains a source of EMI. The operator of a V3 detector, however, has access to settings that can be adjusted, thus allowing the detector to work around any possible source of interference.

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Bear in mind that White’s V3 metal detector has been the target of comments from rather impatient treasure hunters. Apparently, the display on the V3 insists on “hanging” on the screen, even when the operator wants data on a new search area. This “problem” points out how dreams of “instant wealth” tend to drive the typical treasure hunter.